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Above the Clouds

Singing + Podcasting

Singing exists beyond language -- when people sing together, they share emotion. And it is a sense of beauty shared among all cultures who equally yearned for good and happiness.

Men's Chorus, Faculty of Music | Bass Singer

Rehearsed and performed in concerts conducted by Prof. Mark Ramsay. Our weekly rehearsals emphasized sight-reading, ear-training, and musical knowledge, we developed musicianship skills through the performance of large ensemble works.

YouTube | Singing & Podcasting

I started my YouTube channel in the summer of 2020, during the pandemic. I purchased myself an SLR camera, an AT2020 cardioid condenser mic, a Scarlett 2i2 audio interface, a monitor headphone, and even studio lights. I've done everything by myself, from shooting to post-production. 

Linyun Radio 麟云电台 | Radio Presenter


Hangzhou Children's Chorus 杭州少儿合唱团 | Singer

Unfortunately, since this is almost ten years ago, I barely found any recordings or videos. But I do found two pictures represent the start (2004) and the end (2011) of this journey. In the 6th World Choir Games. We ranked 4th globally, following three choirs from Europe. We ranked 1st domestically.

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